Your Water Like You've Never Seen It

With Phyn Plus you will know the moment you have a leak and it will shut the water off for you.  

We Partnered With A Brand Built To Last

Water Leak Detector USA has chosen to partner with Phyn Plus because it has the best available technology available on the market and offers the greatest solution for leak detection.

When you get your Phyn Plus, you’ll immediately notice its solid construction. The device has been tested to military standards for heat, cold and humidity to withstand all elements. Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Badger Meters, has been making residential utility water meters for over a century. They constructed Phyn Plus to the same rigorous standards as the water meters that are already in millions of homes across the U.S.

We Chose Phyn Because:

Backed by Belkin Electronics & Badger Meters.

Phyn Offers Leak Detection Alerts.

Auto-Shut Off From the App

Ability to Monitor Multiple Locations

Phyn spent 10 years researching & developing.

Professional.  Flexible. Intelligent


Ideal for detecting leaks in water pipe networks
When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount. The Aquaphon® system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding quality of its microphone and measuring technology, intelligent analysis functions and the practical, visual representation of results on the display. 



Water flowing out of the leak in the pipeline causes the pipeline material to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted throughout the line and can be picked up as structure-borne noise, even at distant contact points such as fittings. The vibrations are also transmitted up through the ground to the surface as ground-borne noise, although this is very muted. Water Leak Detector USA uses the Aquaphon system as a perfect companion for leak detection as it makes the vibrations audible to the human ear and records and visually displays the volume and frequency spectrum.

Water Leak Detector USA is an all-in-one solution for minimizing and preventing the risks of leaks in your home. If you have a leak in your home, using the Aquaphon system we can precisely pinpoint the leak, repair the damage and install Phyn Plus. As soon as Phyn detects unusual water activity it automatically shuts off the water to your property- saving you thousands of dollars in potential repairs. 

Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

We chose Phyn Plus because it relies on an in-line ultrasonic flow meter custom-built by Badger Meters. Unlike turbine or magnetic flow sensors, ultrasonic has no moving parts that could wear down over time or get blocked by particles and other matter. Ultrasonic is also more accurate at both high and low flow.

Water Leak Detector USA
True Pressure Sensing

Phyn was developed over a decade by machine learning researchers at the University of Washington and Belkin International. Phyn’s proprietary leak detection technology utilizes high definition ultrasonic sensors to sample the pressure in your plumbing system 240 times every second. This produces an unparalleled view of the unique signatures of each fixture in your home.

Stay On Top Of  Your Water Use

Phyn Plus will give you the information you need to make better choices about your water use. Real-time SMS and push notifications alert you the moment a leak is discovered and give you the power to turn off your water remotely using the Phyn app. Spot trends of how much your showers, faucets and more are using.

Protect your home from leaks.