Emergency Slab Leaks in Orange County

Water Leak Detector USA offers slab leak detection services for leaks that may occur underground in the pipes that are covered by concrete. If you have a slab leak the signs may be harder to identify but are no less damaging than other types of leaks. Water Leak Detector USA offers the technology to pinpoint leaks within pipes underground using thermal imaging, video and audio recording. There are many different options for repairing a slab leak, including; pipeline repairs or replacement, repiping or rerouting the pipe completely. Water Leak Detector USA has highly skilled plumbers that have years of experience in detecting slab leaks and repairing them right.

Protect your home from water leaks. 

Signs you Have a Slab Leak: 

High Water Bill 

Hear Running Water 

Hotspots on the Floor

Wet Baseboards

Wet Carpet or Flooring


Protect your home from water leaks

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