Main Sewer Line Repairs

Whether your sewer line is cloged or needs repairs, Water Leak Detector USA is ready for the job. 

Clogged Sewer Line Repairs in Orange County

Clogged sewer lines can very quickly turn from a minor nuisance into a nightmare of health hazards and damaged to your home. There are many different factors that come into play when buildup or blcokage can clog a sewer drain and affect the function of the plumbing system within your entire property. Clogs in sewer lines must be cleared in order to maintain optimal sewer operation immediately. Main sewer line repairs is a complicated and dirty job, especially if your pipes are possible damaged and not just clogged. Call Water Leak Detector USA for an inspection of your main sewer line to find out the most appropriate way to unclog and repair your main sewer line.

Protect your home from clogged sewer pipes. 

Some Items That May Clog Sewer Lines Include: 

Tree Roots

Food, Oil & Grease

Disposable & Sanitary Wipes

Deposits from Mineral Water

Animal Waste


Protect your home from water leaks

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