We have over 95 years of combined experience in new pipe installations. 

Water Leak Detector USA New Pipe Installation 

Keeping your piping in safe, working condition is crucial, considering the nature of the substance that is flowing through it 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Water Leak Detector USA offers new pipe installations for water, gas, and even sewer. 

We are Southern California's leading experts in new pipe installations with over 95 years of combined experience we ensure the job will be done right- the first time.  

Water Leak Detector USA Repiping  

Pipes have substances flowing through them at all times during the day, every day and there is no off switch. If you suspect your pipe is leaking Call Water Leak Detector USA to detect, repair and prevent future leaks. With our high-quality technology we are able to precisely pinpoint the leak, repair any and all damage and prevent any gas leaks in the future. It's important to repair or repipe any damaged pipes because they can lead to major damage or leaks in the future. 

Water Leak Detector USA finds leaks & repairs them right – the first time to give you some peace of mind. 

Don't wait when repiping your home. 


Protect your home from gas leaks

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